Road Map Initiatives

SAML Integration

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is used to help manage user authentication and authorization.

We are planning to:

  1. Upgrade from PIN2 to use SAML
  2. Implement the Drupal module and configure it to use SAML

This implementation will be configurable for any school and will allow us to restrict users within Harvard using the groups option. 


Presets are preconfigured website templates.

We will continue to add presets to allow users to have a set structure to work with on their site as rather than beginning with a blank canvas. This will not be the default behavior., the option to opt in to have presets will be available.

Drupal 8 Migration

There will be 3 options for the migration over to Drupal 8:

  1. Move everyone over with all the features sets
  2. Move over with the reduced feature set
  3. User can switch when they are ready to

UI/UX Enhancement

We are planning to:

  1. Keep the new menu
  2. Take advantage of the Drupal 8 UI

Theme Enhancements

While keeping accessibility in mind, users will be able to select a theme and choose a color from a color palette.

Site Export/Import

We are planning to allow users to export their site locally and store it in their system. The export functionality will not be available to users to avoid duplicacy of sites and would be controlled by the OpenScholar users.

Upgrading to Google Analytics

We are planning to upgrade to Universal Analytics.